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Before You Hire a Speaker, Motivational Keynote Speakers, Trainer, Presenter or Seminar Leader - Establish Your Objectives

The new program planning committee has been picked! Oh boy, what should we do first? The big name keynote speaker! OK team, start calling those speakers, agents and bureaus!!!!!
WAIT!!!!!! Remember the old nursery rhyme?

I had six honest serving men
They taught me all I knew!
Their names were What and Where and When,
How and Why and Who!

Getting your speakers should be the easiest part of planning your program. IF before you begin your search, you ask a few questions. . .

First, before you start the search, ask yourself, your committee, management and possibly your prospective attendees . . . Why are we holding this meeting?. . . Why use an outside speaker?. . . Why a celebrity, a professional speaker, a sports star?
Are you the one responsible for kicking off the new management or sales program? Then beware! It can be thrilling to sit down to dinner with a football hero, famous fiction author, astronaut or sports car driver. Really wonderful to sit in the same room and listen to them talk. This kind of speaker can increase attendance and add to the glamour of the meeting. They are great for award events.
BUT, don't let anyone forget as you establish your objectives that these "stars" didn't achieve their stardom by their incredible comprehension of management theory or by speaking at banquets!

Instead of looking for your speakers from the "who do we want" approach, instead try, "what are the issues and problems facing our industry . . . what can a speaker do to help?"
What is our overall objective? Usually, the purpose is to increase profits. What other sub-purposes are bringing this group together? Morale-building, new programs and trends, perhaps just the mundane business of business, or awards and rewards. Is a speaker needed to help accomplish these objectives?
What else can a speaker do for the group while he/she is there? Spouse programs; children programs; would the keynoter also do a break-out session for the same fee? Is the speaker enough of a name that he/she can be used to help promote your group and event beforehand on radio and TV?

Once the "why" and "what" have been established, then start on how
a speaker can help you meet your objectives.
Do you really need an outside speaker to satisfy these and your other objectives? You might have in-house speakers that can deal with these issues even better. If budget is a problem, inside people are best. Yet, a strange phenomenon occurs. Your attendees are almost always more impressed by an outsider than by your own people. "A Prophet is never welcome in his own land!"
We can (basically) classify speakers into three categories; educators, motivators and humorists. How do you want your message brought to your attendees?
If some of the major issues concerning your group are "too close to home" to be addressed by an outside speaker, could (and should) the speaker work on the symptoms of the issues? Example: Re-organization is causing stress and hostility. Then perhaps the subject should be: 1. Dealing With Stress; 2. Overcoming Adversity; 3. Working With Over-Stressed Teams, etc.
How do you check on the quality of a speaker? The best way is to see them in person. This is often difficult, so ask for a demonstration tape. Make sure you listen to more than just a highly edited 10 minute version. Next, call the meeting planner who have used this speaker before. Also try using a speakers bureau. A good bureau can save you hours in time and research.

Now the easy part! Once your objectives are clearly established, the possibilities are endless! Ask other planners whose groups may be suffering from similar problems or who have worked on similar goals in the past, who they have used that worked well.
Find a bureau or agent. Let them search their records for the perfect "match." There are currently 350 agents and bureaus across the U.S. Find one that is concerned about your problems and the search you are undertaking. Check how the company you give the assignment to is receiving their commission. Many work like travel agents, and you get the service for free, some charge you a fee for their services. ASK!

Before you start the search, before you ask for who you need . . . ask yourself . . . What, Why, How!

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Jim Abbott-
Famed One Handed Baseball Pitcher for the Angles and the Yankees. Motivational Inspirational keynote speaker

Business Speaker with a message on overcoming the odds.

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Lilly Walters is the author of five of the best-selling books about the professional speaking industry, including the best seller she wrote for Dottie Walters, "Speak and Grow Rich"