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How To Find Presenters, Speakers, Motivational Keynoters, Trainers, or Seminar Leaders When You Have No Budget

Your Customers
Have a panel of your buyers to tell your group the good, bad and the ugly about your product or service. This gives your members an excellent feeling of what the buyers really want. It also gives your buyers a feeling of ownership as to the quality they will be receiving from you in the future.

Your Suppliers
As with your customers, a panel of several of your suppliers gives your members a greater respect of what it takes to get the materials to your door. Also an excellent method to insure faster service and build better relationships with your suppliers.

Fortune 500 Speakers Bureaus
Most large companies have in-house speaker's bureaus that send speakers out to promote the sponsoring company. If the topic these people address is of interest to your group, you have found a terrific, inexpensive program. But remember, these speakers are there to promote the sponsoring company first.

Other In-House Free Speakers Bureaus
Free speaker's bureaus are also found at hospitals, utility companies, colleges and universities.

Your Own Top Executives
Upper management is always the most popular (if not the most exciting) speaker on any program. As they are usually attending anyway, ask them to be available for emergencies.

Performing Groups Within Your Organization
Many of your attendees belong to groups that perform: bands, drama groups, etc., or have children that belong to this type of group. They would be thrilled to be invited to perform for your group. Even if they are not good performers, everyone will love them because they are part of your own team.

Brainstorming Leaders
Most companies have problem solving teams (Quality Circles, etc.). These teams have facilitators who are experts on brainstorming. If some of these are coming to your event anyway, ask them to prepare a brainstorming session.
Attendees are the happiest when they are involved in the "doing." They just might enjoy this better than a paid speaker!

You may have people within your own organization who belong to Toastmasters. These people are constantly studying the art of communication. Although most Toastmasters are usually not experts in a specific topic, they are excellent at leading discussions, introductions and heading panels.

Training & Sales Films
Consider renting a film that meets the objectives of the meeting. Your own training and/or sales departments can also be a tremendous, untapped source of films of specific interest to your company. Your public relations department may have films on the history of your organization. Too often we neglect our own in-house sources of materials that are: 1) available for your meeting at practically no cost; 2) of great interest to your attendees; 3) were of tremendous cost to your company to produce initially.

Lilly Walters the author of five of the best-selling books about the professional speaking industry, such as, "Speak and Grow Rich," "1,001 Ways to Make More Money as a Speaker, Consultant or Trainer: Plus 300 Rainmaking Strategies for Dry Times," and many more.

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Lilly Walters is the author of five of the best-selling books about the professional speaking industry, including the best seller she wrote for Dottie Walters, "Speak and Grow Rich"