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Jim Abbott, Motivational Keynoter, former star baseball pitcher for the Angeles
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Jim Abbott, One Handed Baseball Pitcher

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Rocky Bleier

Mariah Burton Nelson

Roger Crawford, II

Larry Csonka

Keith Harrell

Ed Hearn

Brian Holloway

Meadowlark Lemon

Vince Lombardi, Jr.

Mike Palmer Schlappi

Bonnie St. John Deane

Roger Staubach

Jerry Tarkanian

Peter G. Vidmar

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Lilly Walters, for over 20 years a LEADING RESOURCE helping Corporate and Association Meeting Planners find the PERFECT speakers and entertainers for their events as she developed and ran Walters International Speakers Bureau. Today I runs Amazing Motivational Keynote Speakers, and I am waiting to work with you to find the right keynote speaker, motivational, business, or humorist speakers, seminar leaders, or trainer.

I has a data base of over 4000 of only the very best speakers business experts, seminar leaders, futurists, humorists, motivational keynoters, and many more!

To find the PERFECT SPEAKER for your event, I need to understand exactly what you hope the return on your investment will be in hiring a speaker. Once I have full comprehension of your objectives, I will make several suggestions that fit your special needs and requirements. Then I will send you materials - often audio or video tapes or CD ROMS - on speakers that are available on your date, and fit your meeting objectives and budget.

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Lilly Walters - has for over 20 years THE LEADING RESOURCE helped Corporate and Association Meeting Planners find PERFECT speakers and entertainers for their events: motivational, business leadership and management experts, keynote, celebrities, corporate entertainment, humorous, diversity, political, authors, consulting and training solutions, sport athletes and much more.

Lilly Walters is the author of five of the best-selling books about the professional speaking industry, including the best seller she wrote for Dottie Walters, "Speak and Grow Rich"